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My Fellow Arrowmen,

As the end of winter approaches, so does Wa-Hi-Nasa’s Order of the Arrow University. An important and fun event, OAU is the first gathering of the Lodge in the new 2016-year. Last year, the OA’s centennial birthday, we were challenged to gointo our next 100 years with the understanding that “It Starts With Us”.

Order of the Arrow UniversityRegister Online

We must answer that challenge this year by redoubling our efforts to build the model lodge.We also have the honor of being home to the 2016 National Chief of the OA, Hunter Jones. While Hunter busily leads the entire  organization into the future, we have the responsibility of strengthening our lodge by participating in lodge events, stayingactive within our chapters, and exemplifying strong fellowship between ourmembers.

The first step towards that end is attending in this year’s OAU, centrally located at camp Boxwell during the weekend of March 11-13. OAU’s main purpose is to train and prepare the lodge’s members for a productive year. Because our chapters are the units that the lodge is built upon, this year we will focus on strengthening the chapters in order to strengthen the lodge. While training is the central feature of the weekend, organized competitions, activities, and a movie will spice up the weekend. Please help us start this year with a bang by coming to OAU.

With good food and great camaraderie, we all look forward to seeing many happy faces at this OAU!

Pay your 2016 Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge dues now. $11 until December 31st. $14 starting January 1st. 


Winter Banquet 2015 Edition of the Wa-Hi-Nasa Flying Eagle is out. Find out who all won the Founders Award, Tom Parker Memorial Award, Josh Sain Award and more. 

Download it HERE

November edition of the Wa-Hi-Nasa Flying Eagle is out. Read about all of the fun activities at Fall Fellowship, 100th anniversary Winter Banquet, Winter camp, meet the new Lodge Leadership and more. 

Get it here

To keep up with what's happening in your lodge, text "@lodgec" to 81010. Another great thing about this system is that you can also sign up via email! My surprise announcement last night was brief, so if you have any questions about Remind101 please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out remind.com. Don't worry about being spammed with messages, we never plan to send more than 4 messages in one month. Thank You, and I am really looking forward to this system in our lodge!

WELCOME to the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge

Congradulations to the 98 new lodge members of the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge. You have completed your Ordeal... became a full member of our lodge...What is Next?

Check the Calendar for all the upcoming events... Start HERE with the OA Jumpstart. You will need your OA handbook to get in. Sign up for txt updates from the Lodge

Are you going to Boxwell this summer? Come to our Wedensday night cracker barrels for ice cream and air conditioning. Learn about everything going on in the OA. Then serve your fellow brothers at the Fall Ordeal come for the activites and fun at Fall Fellowship Learn more about NOAC and Winter Camp

Join the Facebook group.... Like the Facebook place page.....Check out photos from events, Videos on the website and YouTube... Follow our twitter feed... Read the Flying Eagle, our lodge's newsletter....

Check back here for information on upcoming events and more pictures, videos, and other items.

Hello, this is Shannon Harris, the 2015 Lodge Secretary. One of my promises when running for Secretary was that I would get the planbook directory updated. I know how we can do it, but I'll need help. Please get out your directory, flip to the back few pages, and find your name. After you have done so, make sure your phone number, unit, address, etc. is correct. If it is, your job is done. If it isn't, please email me the correction(s) to be made. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The planbook is now available online! Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line "planbook password" or text "planbook password" to 931-629-2598 and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Please understand the password is to protect the personal information of a lot of people.

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