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Ice CreamDid you know that the Wa-Hi-Nasa lodge hosts a Cracker Barrel fellowship every Wednesday night during Boxwell summer camp? It is open to any Order of the Arrow member weather you are registered with the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge or not. Come join us at 7:00 PM for some ice cream, air conditioning, and information on all the upcoming lodge events like Fall Ordeal, Fall Fellowship, Winter Banquet, Winter Camp, and NOAC 2015. 

Brotherhood - Are you currently a Ordeal member? have you been a Ordeal member for at least 10 months? then YOU can go through brotherhood. Every Wednesday night, the Brotherhood review begins at 6:00 PM at the Howard B Olson Order of the Arrow Lodge. Make sure you are current on your Lodge dues and $17.00 for Brotherhood. This will include a Brotherhood new sash. 

See you there

Ordeal SashFall Ordeal for the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge will be held August 8th - 10th at Boxwell Scout Reservation

Have you been elected into the Order of the Arrow and called out? You will be receiving a packet in the mail with all of the information. You can register online here. 

If you have misplaced Canidate Registration for the Fall Ordeal, it can be downloaded here. This is ONLY if you have been elected into the OA. 

If you are a current lodge member, you can register online. Would you like to serve as an Elangomat? register online here. 

Fall-Fellowship-14Want to have fun, more fun, and the most funnest? Come to the Duck Head Season Fall Fellowship on September 12-14 of 2014. This uniquely themed event will be one of the top events of the year. Where you can have the most funnest time? Duck Head, Boxwell. There will be all kinds of world class redneck.”           -Brother Bushrod

We need you, the members of the Wa-Hi-Nasa lodge to make this the best Fall Fellowship yet. Without all of you, we have no reason to put on this event or make it as good as it is. Some of the highlights of this Fall Fellowship will be: The red-neck raft race, a red-neck/ camo costume contest, a campfire program that you can be a part of, and many more amazing program areas.

            The goal for the Duck Head Season is to be the most laid-back and fun event ever seen in the Wa-Hi-Nasa lodge. You can register online by clicking here

            Over the next 3 months look for special articles from our expert redneck Brother Bushrod in both the Flying Eagle & on our website.

Oa Summit Experience3 of Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge's finest are participating in the inaugural event, OA Summit Experience. Sid Salazar and Carter Gillenwater from Troop 135 in Franklin, TN are in the first crew and 2013 OA National Chief Matt Brown is serving as assistant director of the program.  

WELCOME to the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge

Congradulations to the 200 new lodge members of the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge. You have completed your Ordeal... became a full member of our lodge...What is Next?

Check the Calendar for all the upcoming events... Start HERE with the OA Jumpstart. You will need your OA handbook to get in.

Are you going to Boxwell this summer? Come to our Wedensday night cracker barrels for ice cream and air conditioning. Learn about everything going on in the OA. Then serve your fellow brothers at the Fall Ordeal come for the activites and fun at Fall Fellowship Learn more about NOAC and Winter Camp

Join the Facebook group.... Like the Facebook place page.....Check out photos from events, Videos on the website and YouTube... Follow our twitter feed... Read the Flying Eagle, our lodge's newsletter....

Check back here for information on upcoming events and more pictures, videos, and other items.

NOAC 2015 will be held at Michigan State University on August 3rd - 8th 2015. Come join us in celebrating 100 years of Service to Scouting through the Order of the Arrow.

How would you like to see YOUR patch design used for the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge's NOAC flap? We need your ideas and what you would like to see for our NOAC flap. Please send your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Introducing the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge Officers for 2014

Lodge Chief --  Andrew Whitaker

Vice Chief of Training -- Jack Adamson

Vice Chief of Service -- Kody Okert

Vice Chief of Activities -- Sid Salzazar

Treasurer -- Marshall Nye

Secretary -- Matthew Gillette

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