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Congradulations to the Vigil Honor Class of 2013

Left to Right

Daniel R. Mayfield Jr. -- Quiet Listener

Cody A Chittenden -- Guide of the Many

Tanner Waller -- Teaching Swimmer

Kody A. Okert -- Young Caveman

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Congratulations to our Vigil Honor Class of 2012.  These Arrowmen are our newest vigil honor members.

Top row from left to right: Keith Wamsley, Joshua Asbell, Logan Notestine, Marshall Nye, Jack Adamson

Bottom row from left to right: Maribeth Hughes, Hunter Jones, Deantay Carter, Bobby Brown

Also selected for the 2012 Vigil Class is Carl Adkins, who will complete the Vigil Honor at a later date.


The lodge is pleased to announce that two individuals from Middle Tennessee were honored at NOAC. The first was Ron Turpin who received the OA Distinguished Service Award. Ron is a long-time professional Scouter who, in addition to his duties with the Middle Tennessee Council, serves as the Section SR-6 OA staff adviser. Ron becomes only the fourteenth member of the Middle Tennessee Council to receive the DSA. An impressive feat given that there are fewer than 900 recipients nationally in the entire 70 year history of the award. Congratulations Ron!
The other individual from Middle Tennessee honored at NOAC was Jeanette Lord. Jeanette is no stranger to the Order herself. At NOAC, she was a recipient of the Red Arrow Award. This award is given to those who have been given exemplary service to our Order without ever being a member themselves. Jeannette is well beloved by members of our lodge through her dedicated service working with National OA Chairman and former Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge Adviser Ray Capp. She has been an inspiration to countless Arrowmen over two decades. Congratulations Jeanette!


Introduced at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference, the Founder's Award was created to honor and recognize those Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to their lodge. The award is reserved for an Arrowmen who demonstrates to fellow Arrowmen that he or she memorializes in his or her everyday life the spirit of achievement as described by founder E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson.

You can nominate soemone online for the founders award with THIS form or print, fill out, and turn in THIS form to nominate someone. 

The Award is a handsome bronze medallion bearing the likenesses of E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson, with wooden base and brass plate suitable for engraving. Also available is a special Founder's Award arrow ribbon, with a gold colored arrow suspended from a red ribbon.

Lodges may petition the national Order of the Arrow Committee to present up to four awards annually, based on lodge membership. If the lodge presents more than one award, one must be to a youth under the age of 21. 


Wa-Hi-Nasa Vigil Honor Class of 2011


Back Row

Sonny Box -- Takachsin Menuppek | Underground Cook

Luke Boruff -- Lilchpin Allogogan | Willing Servant

Reece Wamsley -- Wdehin Nechoha Allanque | Heart of the Lone Star

Gerald Brown -- Amangi Lennowehellen | Big Bird

Toni-Lee Crawley -- Psu WIl Sachgachtoon | Patient Head Cook

Front Row

Matthew Rice -- Tgauwiwi Mikemossit | Little by Little Worker

James Von Dollen -- Lachpikin Milach | Fast Hair Grower

Alex Von Dollen -- Meteu Auwen | Doctor Who

Josh Fowler -- Glakelendam Memhallamund | Maniac Merchant



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