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Matt BrownAt the 2012 National Planning Meeting underway in Texas, former Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge Chief and current Section SR-6 Chief Matt Brown has been elected as our Order's 2013 National Chief.  Matt is an Eagle Scout from Troop 1 in Brentwood, Tennessee and a student at David Lipscomb University.  Matt's lengthy Scouting resume also includes service as the 2011-12 SR-6 Vice Chief, and as a Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge Vice Chief and Lodge Secretary.  This is a huge honor for Matt.  Congratulations!!!

Also elected in Texas: the 2013 National Vice Chief is Jordan Hughes, currently the Section NE-5B Chief from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.  The 2013 Southern Region Chief is Brad Torpey from, currently the Section SR-2-3N Chief from Keller, Texas.

Matt is the second member of our Lodge to be elected National Chief.  Clay Capp served as the National Chief in 2002.  Josh Sain served as National Vice Chief in 1997.  Originally a member of our Lodge, Cliff Harmon moved to a different lodge and was later elected the 1973 National Chief.  Two members of our lodge have also served as a region chief.  Todd Trapnell was the 1987 Southeast Region Chief.  Michael Salazar was the 1993 Southern Region Chief.

Every December, Section Chiefs from across the nation gather in Texas for the Order's annual national planning meeting.  At this meeting, the section chiefs meet in closed session to elect a new national chief and national vice chief.  The section chiefs then divide up into seperate meetings of each of the four BSA's administrative regions and elect region chiefs.  An overview of this election process can be found here.  The new national officers begin their work immediately upon election.  The National Chief and Vice Chief serve on the OA National Committee and help guide the national OA program for the coming year.  National officers keep up a busy travel schedule visiting lodges and sections nearly every weekend of their term.  National officers also play a signifigant role in each year's national event, such as the Order's activities at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

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