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Lodge Officers

2017 Wa-Hi-Nasa lodge officers

 17 officers

brent west

Brent A. West - Lodge Chief

Brent is a Life Scout from Troop 263. He joined the OA in 2012 and is a Vigil Honor Member. He has served as 2016 Vice Chief of Service, 2015 Service Crew Chairman, 2014 Planbook Chairman, and various chapter roles. He is a Sophomore at the University of Tennessee and enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, canoeing, and shooting in his free time.




tanner waller

Tanner Waller - Vice Chief of Service

Tanner is an Eagle Scout from Troop 170. He joined the OA in 2010 and is a Vigil Honor Member. Tanner has served as Construction Chairman, Brotherhood Chairman, Conclave Chairman, Winter Camp Chairman, Winter Banquet Chairman, as well as Vice Chief of Program. He is a Sophomore at Tennessee Tech University and enjoys hiking, swimming, and traveling in his free time.



steven ward

Stephen Ward - Lodge Treasurer

Stephen is an Eagle Scout from Troop 416. He joined the OA in 2014 and is a Brotherhood member. Stephen has served as 2016 Service Crew Chairman and 2016 Wdee Chapter Chief. He is a Senior at Riverdale High School and serves as Venturing Crew Treasurer, Riverdale Skills USA President, and Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster. He enjoys camping, and spending time with his girlfriend and family.


russell byers

 Russell Byers - Vice Chief of Operations

Russell is an Eagle Scout and member of Crew 1161. He joined the OA in 2013 and is a Vigil Honor Member in the lodge. Russell has served as Witschindin Chapter Chief, Chapter Vice-Chief of Activities and Lodge Chapters Chairman. He enjoys golfing, woodworking, disassembling electronics, camping, and rock climbing.


carter gillenwater

Carter Gillenwater - Vice Chief of Program

Carter is an Eagle Scout from Troop 135. He joined the OA in 2012 and is a Vigil Honor Member. Carter has served as Chapter Chief, Trading Post Chairman, Registration Chairman, and Planbook Chairman. He is a Senior at Independence High School and enjoys STEM and shooting sports.



david thornton

David Thornton - Lodge Secretary

David is an Eagle Scout from Troop 1. He joined the OA in 2012 and is a Vigil Honor Member. David has served as 2016 Nendawen Chapter Chief, and 2015 Elangomat Chairman. He is a Senior at Brentwood High School and enjoys playing trumpet in his free time.

2018 Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge Officers

 18 officers all

Meet your 2018 Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge Officers


AJ Hagerman - Lodge Chief

Alexander James Hagerman is an Eagle Scout from Troop 293. He joined the OA in 2014, and is a Vigil Honor member. AJ has served as the 2016 Trading Post Chairman, 2016 Atohuna Chapter Chief, 2017 Fall Fellowship Chairman, 2017 Atohuna Chapter Vice Chief of Ceremonies, and various roles in his troop. AJ is a Junior at Lebanon High School, and enjoys traveling around the country as he prepares for West Point Academy.



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