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Southern Region LogoCome join Wa-Hi-Nasa in bringing home the golden arrow again at the Southern Region 6 Order of the Arrow Conclave held at Camp Buck Toms April 17th - 19th. 

Register Online 

Yes you can still attend, just register when you get on site.

Make sure you have a current medical form with at least parts A and B filled out and signed for us to check you in.  



The southern Region 6 Conclave will be held at Camp McKee in Jeffersonville, KY on April the 25th - 27th. 

When traveling to camp McKee, please do not use the mailing address, it will not get you to camp. Please use the links on this page, or these GPS coordinates: N 37.93922º W 083.92518º or N 37º 52' 21.2" W 083º 55' 30.6"

MEDICAL FORM -- DO NOT leave home with out one filled out 

Don't forget about the canned food drive, bring your non perishable food items to conclave. 

Come help Wa-Hi-Nasa bring home the golden arrow again by registering now -- Please register on site -- and competing in activities. Save $5.00 registering by march 1st and secure your spot in HISTORY!!

Purchase your Conclave items early before they are all gone. 

What all do you do at conclave? click here to see


conclave2012patchWa-Hi-Nasa Lodge took the Section SR-6 Conclave by storm, sweeping both the overall publications and field events to with the Quest for the Golden Arrow trophy for the third year in a row.  

Former Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge Chief and 2011-12 Section SR-6 Vice Chief Matt Brown was also elected as the Section SR-6 Chief for 2012-13.  Congratulations Matt!!

  Check out Section SR-6 website for more information about Section SR-6 and this past conclave.   Also check back here soon for the complete Conclave rundown and photos.


Conclave 2013The SR6 Conclave will be held at Camp Yocona in Randolph Mississippi on April 19-21. You can register online here. More information about conclave is located on the section page here. Come help us bring hom the Golden Arrow AGAIN. 

What all will you be doing at Conclave? See what we did last year

What is Conclave? Section SR6 of the Southern Region consists of 9 Order of the Arrow Lodges from all over Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Northern Mississippi. All of the lodges gather at a camp and compete in several different areas to determine 

Read more: Conclave 2013


Wa-Hi-Nasa brought home first place in the Quest games at Conclave 2011. Publications, games, quizes and other activities all came together and we brought home the golden zach-trophyarrow for the second year in a row. Now we have to start preparing for 2012 conclave at Skymont scout camp in Altamont, TN.

HERE are the pictures


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