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Conclave 2013The SR6 Conclave will be held at Camp Yocona in Randolph Mississippi on April 19-21. You can register online here. More information about conclave is located on the section page here. Come help us bring hom the Golden Arrow AGAIN. 

What all will you be doing at Conclave? See what we did last year

What is Conclave? Section SR6 of the Southern Region consists of 9 Order of the Arrow Lodges from all over Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Northern Mississippi. All of the lodges gather at a camp and compete in several different areas to determine 

who received the Golden Arrow. What do we compete in? newsletters, planbook, website, and then several gamaes to determine the winner. You also participate in classes on leadership, ceremonies, OA history and others that you choose from. It is a FULL weekend of fun. 

Wa-Hi-Nasa hosted The SR6 Conclave in 2010, Here are some photos



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