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Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge recently sent 76 members to the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference at Michigan State University. The theme for the week was "Together We Leave a Legacy" which focused on brotherhood and working together to make a better organization and leaving a legacy.
Our 60 Arrowman strong contingent and 16 conference staff members joined with nearly 7000 other Arrowmen from across the country. There was plenty of activities and training sessions to attend. Every morning we had the opportunity to attend classes ranging from Planning your Eagle Project, Scuba, to running a 5K. However;

there were more activities that caught our contingent's attention. For example, meeting new people by a QR code hanging from their neck called Munzee, an app used to meet new people and find points. In fact, our lodge scored the highest number of points!!

    There was always something to do at NOAC, from patch trading, to exploring museums, and in the afternoon athletic competitions. Our contingent participated in competitions like basketball, volleyball, lodge ball, and flag football. T.J. Luckett recognized as a honor ceremonialist for the Vigil Honor ceremony.

Thursday night after the arena show, our Lodge hosted a pizza party . A few special guests who attended include: Johnny Rehm (2012 National Chief), Preston Marquis (2012 National Vice Chief), and Ray Capp (National OA Committee Chairman and a proud member of our Lodge). Some other distinguished guests were Matt Brown (2012 S-6 Section Chief), Marty Opthoff (2012 Central Region Chief), and David Joiner (2012 Southern Region Chief).

    On the last day, all of the contingents put together their own booth for Founder's Day. Each booth had a variety of games, giveaways, and other activities. Our Lodge hosted a Latimer High Adventure booth, where we gave away pamphlets, moon pies, allowed people to sing some karaoke, and we even sold a donated kayak. Our Lodge was proud to have Ron Turpin receive the OA Distinguished Service Award and Jeanette Lord of Nashville, Tennessee recognized with the Red Arrow Award.

A special thanks to our contingent leader Trey Banks for a great experience at NOAC and his adviser Woody Hall.  The next NOAC is in 2015, which happens to also be the 100th anniversary of our Order.  Coincidence?  See you there!


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