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SR-6 Conclave 2016

This year's conclave will be held at Kia Kima Scout Reservation in Hardy, Arkansas on the weekend of April 15th-17th. This year, we have many goals in mind, some of which include having a good number of attendees, coordinating transportation for you, and giving you the opportunity to enjoy this year's SR-6 Conclave!
As we mentioned, this year's conclave will be held in Arkansas, but don't worry, we got YOU covered! The Wa-Hi-Nasa lodge is chartering a fifty-five passenger bus. We plan on picking up participants at three different pick-up locations Friday night, so the commute to the bus stop is fairly close to YOU. With busy people and a long distance to drive in mind, we plan on leaving Saturday night after SR-6 officer elections. On your way, you can get some sleep on the comfortable bus, just like the one we took to NOAC. This will allow us to get you home early Sunday morning so you can catch up on your school work, or even on your sleep before school/work the next day.

Register for Conclave NOW!!!

Here are the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Friday Evening, April 15th
· 5:00 Boxwell Scout Reservation
· 6:00 Jet Potter Scout Office
· 7:00 I-40 Dickson exit
Sunday Morning, April 17th
· 7:00 I-40 Dickson Exit
· 8:00 Jet Potter Scout Office
· 9:00 Boxwell Scout Reservation
*The Bus fee, which will be collected when you meet the bus, will be $25 ROUND TRIP!! That’s only $12.50 each way!!

OAU was a very successful weekend in preparing for Conclave 2016. We found lots of Quest competitors and are ready to take home the golden arrow. We also got lots of sign-ups and spots are filling up fast.
· The Theme is “Ignite the Spirit”

You have lots to look forward to for this event. Not only is SR6 going to make it great, but the lodge will also have some fun of its own. Here is what YOU should look forward too.
· SR6 Morning Classes including 5 different focus areas
· The convenience of easy transportation
· 111 taking home the Quest for the Golden Arrow
· Lodge games including Spike ball, Frisbee, Football, and much more
· Saturday night Party
· Much Much more

All in all, we look forward to seeing you and are ready for a successful Conclave 2016. See you there!

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Yours Truly,
Conclave 2016 Chairman
- Sims Bell – 


Order of the Arrow University

Order of the Arrow University will be held on March the 6th - 8th at the Latimer High Adventure Reservation. Come join us for a weekend of fun, learning and leadership on the mountaintop.

Due to the Road concerns with this current Ice storm OAU has been moved this year to Boxwell Reservation.
Registration will be from 9. to 9.30 am on Saturday morning and will continue through to the regular stop time on Sunday after the LEC.
Registration will be at the High Adventure Building where we will plan to house people.

Staff members are encouraged to meet tonight at the High Adventure building

Order of the Arrow University

Are you a new Arrowman wanting to know what the lodge is all about? Are you an older Arrowman that has been out of the game for a while, and want to get back in? Are you an active Arrowman that wants to perfect your skills in leadership or ceremonies? Are you a chapter chief or committee chair? Are you a living, breathing human being that is a member of the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge? Then THIS is the event for YOU!

Register for OAU here

Held at Latimer High adventure Reservation, “OAU, A New Frontier” will challenge your body, but more importantly your mind. We have enlisted expert trainers to impart 

Read more: Order of the Arrow University 2014

Order of the Arrow University

Order of the Arrow University at Latimer High Adventure Reservation was a HUGE success this year. We ate in the newly completed dining hall, got to see stars and planets up close in the obsivitory, and arrowmen took classes on leadership, ceremonies, and chapters in classes held throughout the day.Over 110 arrowmen came out and spent the weekend with perfect weather at OAU -- A New Frontier. 

See what all we did at OAU 2014

Order of the Arrow University

OAU- Mountain Ops II

Get ready for the second ever Wa-Hi-Nasa training event at the council’s premier high adventure reservation: Latimer!!! That’s right! Order of the Arrow University (OAU) returns to its new home at Latimer and will feature EVEN MORE high adventure fun in addition to valuable training!!! This year’s theme has been dubbed “OAU: Mountain Ops II” to describe the amazing adventure you will have at Latimer Reservation.

Register online here or use the mail in event registration form

Mark your calendar for March 8-10, 2013 for this fantastic event. From now

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Order of the Arrow University

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