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 Join us for dinner and a wonderful program

Our program honors those who have served the Order ofthe Arrow in the past year as well as providing inspiration for future leaders.

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A time to celebrate with your fellow Arrowmen and honor those who have done their job well. Chapters are recognized as Honor Chapters and many individual awards are given from the lodge. Not only do we look back, but we 

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Winter Banquet

The cold and rain could not stop the 75th anniversary Wa-Hi-Nasa Winter Banquet diamond masquerade ball. Find out who won the Howard B. Olson lifetime achievement award, unsung arrowman, excellence in ceremonies and more in the Winter Banquet edition of the Flying Eagle

Winter Banquet

Special Lodge Executive Councile (LEC) will be held Saturday Dec. 1st after the Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) at the Jet Potter Center. This LEC will be ran by the new 2013 officers, so chairmen for 2013 will need to be in attendance as well as the chapter chief or representative from each chapter.

Winter Banquet

Winter banquet 2013 will be a diamond masquerade ball. Come join us in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Wa-Hi-Nasa Order of the Arrow Lodge. See who wins the founders award, Josh Sain memorial award, Unsung arrowman, and more. It will be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN 4815 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37220 beginning at 6:00 PM. Register on-line here or you can mail in your registration using this form

Winter Banquet

Winter BanquetPlease pay your 2013 Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge Dues at Winter Banquet

The 2012 Winter Banquet will take place on Saturday, December 1 at First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee.  The Church is located at 4815 Franklin Pike in south Nashville.  The cost for this event is $15 per person if registered by November 15, 2012.  You can sign up now by mailing in our general event registration form or registering online HERE. Check back here closer to the event for more information.

Winter Banquet

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